Everything You Need to Know About Furniture Restoration

When it comes to restoration, most people often mistake this concept for furniture restorations. However, there is a very clear difference between these terms. Furniture restoration generally refers to reinstating the functionality of the furniture and refreshing its look, so that it resembles a new piece. It may even mean preserving furniture so that it doesn’t lose its glamour.

Restoration is a pretty straightforward procedure that involves the removal of dirt and grime from a furniture’s surface. For old furniture, restoration may even involve the recreation and replacement of parts.

Furniture restoration is mostly done when one intends to sell their furniture since this would necessitate the restoration of the furniture’s functionality and great look.

So, here are all things you should know about furniture restoration for those who may be new to this term.

Difference Between Furniture Restoration and Furniture Repair

Besides being a great addition and a focal point of your interior, furniture can turn out to be a great investment. Due to lack of sufficient knowledge about furniture restoration, most people may end up hiring a furniture repairer, while all the furniture essentially needed was a mere restoration. So, you would be wrong to think that these terms have the same meaning – there is a clear distinction between furniture restoration and furniture repair. Sadly, most people are still unaware of the difference.

Furniture repair means making it good enough to be used again after damage. Simply put, furniture repair is all about returning the furniture’s functionality. On the other hand, furniture restoration is a different process that involves returning a seemingly worn-out piece of furniture to its initial state. In a way, furniture restoration attempts to make a piece look as good as new.

Restoration especially comes in handy when pieces of furniture have lost their glamour and charm. As such, the process is essential for owners who want to bring back the furniture’s initial beauty and functionality. Often, furniture repair results in the loss of the piece’s value. Conversely, furniture restoration is all about bringing back a good look and functionality, resulting in the value addition of the furniture.

Furniture Restoration Procedure

The process of furniture restoration is pretty simple and straightforward. While there might be several alternatives to this procedure, it is by far the best method to renew furniture pieces. To go about this procedure, here are items and tools you would need:

· Sanding block
· Sandpaper
· Finish
· Wood glue
· Powder sander
· Metal rule
· Brushes
· Rags
· Old cloth pieces
· Set square.

This process begins with assessing the state of the furniture, and whether there is any damage to it. If damaged, is it really bad, or is it just slight? Do this assessment thoroughly. After this comes the sanding part. Since the sanding process can get overly messy, you can choose to seek the help of a professional to avoid the dust and the hassle that comes with the process. This process involves removing the finish on the furniture using sandpaper.

Once you are done removing the furniture’s finish through the sanding process, the repair part comes in (if there are any damages to the furniture). This step involves fixing lightly-damaged parts and replacing any severely damaged parts.

Soon after you’ve finished repairing and replacing parts, re-embark on sanding to eliminate any scratches on the surfaces of the furniture to achieve a smooth finish.

Finally, finishing may be done if need be. Depending on the type of finish you choose, oiling or waxing may also be necessary. This is down to personal choice.