Home Maintenance Checklist

Wall plugsThe following checklist might not necessarily be an exhaustive list of everything you should do in your home. After all, everybody’s home is different and the to-do list for a listed building will differ significantly from that of a new build apartment.

However, there are always two things in common when it comes to our homes: It is one of the biggest investments for most of us and it is our castle. So, here are some important things you can do to take better care of it.

The tasks here are divided by the season where tackling them makes the most sense. If you manage to check off everything, you can be sure to avoid any unexpected costs associated with calling in professionals later on.


  • Check your roof for moss growth as well as damage it might have sustained during the winter.
  • If you have air bricks, ensure that they are clear and clean. The bricks allow the circulation of air under floors of buildings with suspended timber floors. You risk damp if they get blocked.
  • Clean the windows inside and then out, because once the sun starts showing so will the condition off your windows.
  • Check the window frames for rot or damage at the same time. A patch repair is considerably cheaper than allowing them to rot.
  • Spring is the ideal time for a general clear out as you are putting away the winter items and bringing out any seasonal items that you might have stored in Blue Box Storage. For bulky items or for a bigger clear out, use a rubbish removal service.
  • Turn down the thermostat once the temperatures start rising.
  • Find trustworthy tradespeople to help with any maintenance and repairs


Once the weather starts to warm up, it is time to head outdoors with the home maintenance checklist below:

  • Clean the garden furniture.
  • Repair and paint any external woodwork, which includes doors, window frames, fascia and fencing.
  • Clean the patios and jet wash the decking at the beginning of summer so that they don’t get slippery.
  • Make sure that your boiler is serviced.
  • Trim any climbing plants and don’t allow them to grow across the guttering or windows.
  • Prune any large shrubs or trees that may be close to your home to reduce their water consumption, which may contribute to subsidence.
  • Re-pointing should ideally be done in the warmer, drier summer months.


Get your home maintenance checklist ready and winter-proof your home:

  • Sweep your chimney
  • If you have a flat roof check it for any sitting water or damage.
  • Clean and store away the garden furniture.
  • Bleed radiators to ensure that they effectively heat your home.
  • Clean the gutters and drainage holes once the leaves have dropped. At the same time ensure that all pipes are fixed securely to walls.
  • Clear any debris and leaves that have gathered around your external walls thus preventing any risk of damp.


Follow the home maintenance checklist below to keep your property safe from the winter weather.

  • Regularly check the trees and fences for storm damage. Perform repairs quickly to prevent falls that may cause additional problems.
  • Check the roof – from the bottom of the garden or across the street – for any slipped tiles especially after windy weather.
  • Clean any debris and leaves from the garden and trim any trees to avoid dead or loose branches coming down in strong winds.
  • If there’s condensation, wipe it off your wooden window frames to avoid rot.
  • Prevent damp by opening windows occasionally and using extractor fans.
  • Check your pipes for leaks after very cold weather.