Home Maintenance Checklist

Wall plugsEvery one’s home is different so this list might not include everything you need to do for your home maintenance. Remember, your home is your biggest investment so you need to make sure that everything is perfect. Here are some of the best things to consider when it comes to taking care of your home. By checking off everything, you can avoid unexpected costs from the professionals.

Spring Maintenance

• Start by checking the roof for any damage that happened during the winter season. Check for moss growth.

• If you have air bricks, check them to make sure they are clean and clear. They allow proper air circulation y under your floors especially if you have a suspended timber floor. If the air bricks are blocked, you are risking damp.

• Clean the windows in your home both in and out. With the sun coming out, you should be able to see the dirt on your windows. Check for signs of rot or damage on the window frames and do a patch repair immediately to avoid further costs in the future.

Spring is the best time for general cleaning since you can put away the winter items and bring out the seasonal items you have sorted out. If you have to clear the big and bulky items, you should use a rubbish removal service. Don’t forget to turn down the thermostat as the temperatures start rising. Now is the time to look for local service people to help with the maintenance and repairs.

Summer Maintenance

In this season, the weather is hot so you need to concentrate your home maintenance checklist outdoors. Here’s what you need to do.

• Clean the garden furniture.

• Clean the patios and the deck to keep them from being too slippery.

• Repair and paint the external woodwork such as fences, fascias, doors and window frames.

• Prune the large shrubs and trees close to your home. That way, you can reduce their water consumption that might lead to subsidence if ignored.

• Trim the climbing plants to keep them growing across gutters or windows.

Get the boiler serviced.

Autumn Maintenance

During autumn you need to make your home ready for the coming winter season. Here’s what you need to do.

• Hire a chimney cleaner to sweep the chimney.

• Check for damage on your flat roof especially any sitting water.

• Unless you have electric radiators uk, bleed the radiators to make sure they are working effectively to heat your home.

• Clean the garden furniture and store it.

• After the leaves have dropped, you should clean the gutters and drainage holes.

• The pipes should be fixed to the wall securely.

• Clear debris and leaves on the external walls to avoid any instance of damp.

Winter Maintenance

During the coldest months of the year, you need to make sure that your home is safe. Here’s what you need to do.

• Check the trees and fences regularly for storm damage. Handle the repairs quickly to prevent further issues from falls.

• Inspect the roof carefully to identify any slipped tiles because of the windy weather.

• Clean leaves and other debris from your garden. Trim your trees to prevent loose or dead branches from falling down on your roof because of strong winds.

• Avoid damp by opening the windows on your home occasionally and using extractor fans.

• If there is condensation, you should wipe off your wooden window frames to prevent rot.

• Check your pipes for leaks after the cold weather.

With this home maintenance checklist, your home should be ready for any season effortlessly.