How To Decide if a Teaching Career is Going to Be Right For You

Throughout the past several years the education workforce has been steadily declining, in fact the number of teachers decreased from a little over 210,000 to 208,000 in a one year period. One must consider if teaching is as popular as it once was and if it is the right career choice for you.

Teaching Specifications

When considering a teaching career there are several specifications to consider such as: teacher’s assistant, teaching laboratory technician, primary teacher, secondary teacher, special needs teacher and several other specifications, including bilingual nursery teachers working at a creche francaise londres (a French nursery in London to the rest of us) and English teachers in foreign countries. It is important to thoroughly research each specification and decide which area is best for you. Different specifications will require specific qualifications, therefore it is absolutely essential to decide upon your row for embarking on that career.

State or Private Education Systems

The differences between state and private schools are many and it is important to decide upon which system you would prefer before advancing on a career. While many private schools claim to offer the absolute best in education, the amount of pressure can be rather high for students and teachers.

Research is Key

While in interview is going to give you key insights into a school, there are several other things you can do to research particular schools. There are several sites available online that allow you to see exactly what parents have to say about particular schools. While you may have an incredible interview, you may not know that parents are complaining about teachers, bullying, headmasters, which would help to determine that it may not be the best teaching environment. If possible, you should always try to talk with other teachers at the school as this can reveal a great many things. To the teacher seem happy, exhausted, fed up, approachable, all of these are key signs at how well the school is and how it is to work there. Finally, always use your gut instinct about the work environment and how it feels to you.

The Realities of Teaching

Teaching has always been one of those jobs that looks fantastic on paper. Consider a job that starts at nine in the morning and finishes at three in the afternoon with a long six week summer holiday, could there be anything better? Well, in reality things are much different as the hours are not as short as they would seem. Teachers are responsible for grading papers, creating lesson plans, as well as a wide assortment of other activities, making it a much more time-consuming career. Consider all of the homework that must be graded and marked on your own time as well as back to back classes throughout the day with little breaks. Teaching can be a rather stressful job like so many others. In addition, there are multiple behaviour problems you will be faced with on a daily basis, demanding questions that may not always have an easy answer and on bad days it can be hard to hide your mood as you are surrounded by a classroom of eyes all focused on you. However, one must also consider just how rewarding of a career it can be as you have the opportunity to make a huge difference in a child’s life and purpose. While the work and day can be challenging, you do feel as though you have accomplished something at the end of the day. In the end, it is important to understand the ride you are signing up for.

The key to understanding if a teaching career is going to be right for you is to focus and research online, in forums and in real life. There are multiple angles and specifications that you can hone into and find the one that is perfect for you.