Reasons You Should Consider Buying Triple-Glazed Windows

There are plenty of different benefits that come along with installing triple glazing. With it, you get enhanced energy efficiency and security. Because modern building regulations don’t allow for single-pane installations, you won’t find many people even considering it.

Because of the push towards energy efficiency and due to tightening regulations, you may be wondering whether or not there will come a point in time when even double-glazing is considered inadequate. In that case, triple-glazing would undoubtedly become the norm.

With more and more homeowners pushing for better energy efficiency and because triple-glazing comes with plenty of other side benefits, you may be considering investing in it as a high-performance alternative.

First, you should understand how double and triple glazing differs to fully comprehend whether or not it’s needed.

Newer builds will usually feature larger swatches of glazing including sliding glass doors, picture windows, and even roof lights. However, by adding glass-covered elements to your home, you allow more heat to pass through due to the glass being inherently easier for heat to pass through than an insulated wall.

Due to there being much more widespread stringent building regulations, a lot of glazing companies are looking to improve their glass offerings to create higher-performing products. Triple glazing is one of the solutions as it offers improved insulation by providing two air pockets rather than a single air pocket.

A Low Energy Home

In Northern Europe, triple glazing has become the standard. It has even become an essential component of a modern and low energy home. These homes offer the best insulation and energy-efficient components to maximize total home energy efficiency.

A Triple-Glazed Window Pane

Most efficient option: triple glazing is capable of offering the highest levels of insulation.

Triple glazing has been optimised to the point where they come in way above the energy efficiency standards set forth by the new Building Regulations. This is assuming that the products have been properly installed of course. With these windows, there is really no point in having super-insulated windows because there will be no gaps around them to allow the air to leak out.

Added Extras

The added three panes of glass aren’t the only thing that makes it more efficient. There are other features that can help to enhance performance that includes inert gas including argon that is inserted between the panels of glass. This ends up making it much more insulating than it would be with only air.

Low E glass is another option to improve insulation. This product features metal oxide coating on the panes that are in the inward portion of the glass panes. This works to reflect the heat right back into the home.

Lastly, you should be looking for various products that feature a “warm edge” spacer bar that sits right in-between the panes. This spacer bar is made up of plastic composite which conducts a lot less heat than what you would normally find used as this component which is aluminium.

Both Security and Noise Advantages

Triple glazing can improve security because it is much more difficult to break than double or even single panes.

There is a small benefit that it offers when it comes to reducing noise penetration. However, if this is your primary concern, you will have a lot of other options to choose from that might exceed your expectations better. For instance, secondary glazing or even windows that feature larger air gaps between the different panes can perform better.

Is it Worth Investing In?

There are definitely instances where you would want to get triple glazing. First, if you live in a colder climate, the answer is a definitive, “yes.” After all, they are incredibly well insulated.

However, keep in mind, glass is one of the more energy-intense manufacturing processes you will find. Because of this, you shouldn’t get them if your only priority is to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment as a whole.