Top 4 Tips to Successfully Manage Your Bar

Managing a business is no easy feat. The job gets even harder when you are dealing in a business that is popular, such as a bar. Whether you manage a pub or nightclub, you have to go the extra mile to make sure that potential customers do not get into the bar next door, but come to yours. That said, how do you ensure that you serve the tastiest drinks, have exemplary customer service, protect yourself from liabilities, and basically keep your clients flowing? Here are 4 critical tips for running a bar successfully:

Top 4 Tips to Successfully Manage Your Bar

It doesn’t matter whether you recently opened up a new bar or have been in business for years. With the following tips, you will increase your customers and make your bar more profitable.

1. Keep Your Cooler and Shelves Fully Stocked.

Being fully stocked is not just about coming up with a shopping list of every kind of whisky, wine, beer, and other types of liquor and getting them from your distributor. It is rather about assessing the most popular drink at the time, which alcohol types are being used the most in making cocktails, and those that have been on the shelves for longer. This way, you invest in the drinks that bring returns faster rather than wasting money on drinks that are less popular.

2. Reduce Wastage by Measuring the Right Amount of Liquor.

While clumsiness is only natural, this will cost you more than you would expect. Overpouring liquor when serving drinks or adding more than necessary liquor when making drinks could end up robbing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. That said, measure your liquor, and be careful when serving. To make this easier, use calibrated pourers, or constantly use a measured pourer.

This way you know the right amount to serve each time. You could also teach your bartenders how to use jiggers in cocktails. Not only are they stylish, but the bartender can also easily assess the amount of liquor to ensure that the drinks served are consistent. Moreover, any chances of wastage are eliminated.

3. Brand Your Bar Using Signature Drinks.

You have got to bring something unique to the table. It’s the one trick every bar uses to ensure that its customers do not go to the bar next door. Sure, rum and coke are popular, but how about adding some tasty fizzy cocktails with some mint, raspberry, and lemon? This way you can set higher prices to increase your profit margin and give yourself a competitive edge over others.

4. Give Back through Happy Hour and Discounted Drinks.

Happy hour and discounted event days are a way to make your customers love you. They are a way of giving back, but even more important, these days cram your bar with traffic. On such days, give your customers delicious drinks and exemplary service and watch them get hooked even on days when there are no offers! Feature the drinks with high profit margins, and add some snacks and group specials to add some spice to the mix.

When it comes to events, they could be anniversaries for your bar, karaoke, sports parties, open mic nights, arcade, and game nights, you name it! You can do it manually, monthly or once a fortnight, using companies such as a party venue hire firm in London. This way, you will build a regular customer base.

Parting Shot:

The bar and liquor industry, in general, is extremely competitive, but with these top tips, you can watch yours thrive!