What is Community, and Why is it Important?

We always hear the word community thrown around by schools, businesses, and news anchors. But what does this mean? There are many meanings of a community according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. There is one that defines the word in a way most people use it, and that is BioBridges. It defines it as a unified body of individuals who have common professional interests scattered through the broader society.

Your gym is a community, your neighbourhood is a community, and your professional organisation can also be a community. Communities help one another, as a school will help educate children or a local government might include a new shop like Scoop in Fleet. It is pretty obvious that communities will gravitate toward, both professionally and personally, people who are like-minded who makes us feel encouraged, uplifted, supported, and inspired.

Let’s focus on professional communities. You can get a sense of belonging by joining the right professional community.

Why Should You Find a Professional Community for You?

When you join a community, you will be getting a support network.
Our environment has a big impact on who we become, and there is a lot of research proving this. You become the average of the five people you are spending the most time with. When there is a strong support network around you, it will influence how you think and it will help move you closer to achieving your goals.

Communities provide you with a place of sharing knowledge and fostering collective innovation and creativity. A conversation is where minds with different habits and memories meet, as said by Theodore Zeldin. When different minds come together, they will not only be exchanging facts: they will reshape them, transform them, engage in a new train of thoughts, and draw different implications from the facts. Through conversation, we not only reshuffle the cards but also create new ones.

Communities that have like-minded individuals can be a great place for sharing and building upon experience and knowledge. People will tend to feel a deeper sense of passion and commitment and satisfaction for a given idea when they get the chance of connecting with people who have the same background as them. The technology today allows the easy flow of knowledge, empowers creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Communities Provide Networking Opportunities

There are people who will start feeling some discomfort anytime they think about networking. They view it as a forced small talk with strangers, but things don’t have to be awkward when networking. Networking is all about connecting with others. Everyone new person you meet in your life know something that you don’t. When you network in your community, you will have the chance of building relationships, developing your career, and being up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Authentic Mentoring Relationships

You will have the opportunity of getting this. With the right mentor, you can be empowered to open new doors, help you realise your capabilities no matter the challenges you are facing, and also enabling you to focus on your goals. Being a mentor can also help you in re-energising your career, broadening your experience, and strengthening your skills. This is why many successful people will tell you that mentoring relationships played a big role in their career or lives.