Why Floor Plans are Important

A detailed and understandable property description goes a long way in giving people ideas on how to convert the space into their own and the same goes for images. There’s also a lot to be said for realtors and real estate companies that provide videos and even VR tours to potential buyers, allowing them to move through the house and get a sense of being in the space.

At a glance, these options seem to be enough to market a house and give prospects a feel of a home, but there is another essential aspect that you should always include in your marketing strategy to tenants, buyers and even investors. According to a survey done by Rightmove, 30% of 10,000 potential buyers are usually less inclined to inquire about a house with no floor plan. The survey ideally suggested that around 20 percent of the prospects ignore a listing if they don’t come across a floor plan.

This simply means that it is best to include a floor plan for any house or apartment you intend to sell or rent. You must have land registry compliant plans, of course, but having plans will give you an edge. Given the harsh competition and hurdles involved in the housing market, you need to leverage the power of any tool that makes your property stand out from the rest.

One of the most important aspect about floor plans is that they give you facts. Images let you see what you are getting into, but a floor plan is more reliable. The downside of images is that they can be tweaked and taken in angles that will drive up the appeal of the property. However, floor plans present you details that are important, especially when it comes to spacing. When combined with images and videos, floor plans give you a more accurate and realistic view of the property. People have learned the importance of floor plans nowadays, that it is almost impossible to get them to act without them.

Floor plans enable people to picture a room or home’s layout and keep it in mind when making their decision. Floor plans give you the opportunity to determine the property’s flow. The precise measurements or dimensions, you are in a better position to plan about the setting in terms of furniture, appliances, etc.

In the most basic terms, potential tenants and buyers want as much as much information as possible about their next residence. When you want to know the crucial information of a house, dimensions really come in handy. Floor plans are not just drawings that help you decide to let or buy a home. They also have benefits to offer after you have secured the property. When you have them available from onset, your property, and business, if you are an agent, will be viewed in a positive light.

Floor plans also help people avoid scams, and if you are a seller, it makes you appear authentic, thus separating the wheat from the chaff. We have seen people make misleading images and photos of properties. In fact, chances are you have visited a property after seeing it online only to be disappointed. If you want to make an informed decision, it is always best to look at floor plans.