Working in Education – Is it the Career For You?

In the recent years, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of people working in the education sector. For instance, in 2015 the number of teachers was 210.9 thousand while in 2016, the number recorded as 208.2 thousand, marking a 1.3% decrease. Well, you might be wondering if teaching is as popular as it was previously. It’s easy enough to question whether it’s the right career choice for you.

Teaching Roles

When getting into the education sector, there are a few roles to consider. These include:

  • Special needs teachers
  • Primary teacher
  • Teaching assistant
  • Secondary teacher
  • Teaching laboratory technician

Before going into the industry, you need to do your research and find the right role for you. Remember, with different roles, you will have varying qualifications. That’s why you need to choose the right teaching position before getting into the sector.

State or Private Education

Private or state schools are very different. Before applying for a role in the education sector, you need to decide on the best role for you. It’s a common notion that private schools offer students better education but there’s a lot of pressure to do well at a private school.

Do Your Research

Interviews can help you discern whether or not a school is the right choice for you. However, you can use other means to research the potential school. Take advantage of sites such as mumsnet to see what parents say about the school. Yes, your interview might be amazing but if parents are complaining about the bullying, teachers, the management and the other pupils, it might not be an ideal place to work.

If possible, talk to the other teachers during the interviews. You will get an idea of how they feel about working there. You should be able to discern whether they are fed up, happy or disappointed about their job. You should have an idea of the place. Always trust your gut instinct when looking for a job in any school whether private or state.

The Reality of Teaching

Yes, the idea of being a teacher looks great on paper. You will work from 9am to 3pm and enjoy 6 weeks of summer holiday on pay. Well, you should know that things are quite different. You need to prepare lesson plans every day and this can be quite time-consuming. You need to mark the homework on your own time. Also, don’t forget about the back to back lessons without any breathing space.

Just like any other profession, teaching can be stressful. The days are very long and children can have behavioural problems. You have to answer a lot of questions in the classroom. Also, if you have a had day, you have to hide it to prevent projecting to the children. However, teaching can be rewarding. The feeling of making a difference to the life of a child is rewarding. You need to know what you are getting into before doing it.

Just like you would any other profession, you need to research a teaching career carefully before deciding whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Being a nanny might have you researching employers liability insurance for nannies, but for a teacher you will need to look into how to deal with kids, how to best encourage their growth and ways to ensure that you and the class get the most out of each day. With there being so many forums to get information, you can’t afford to go into teaching blindly. As mentioned, there are numerous roles in the teaching field so you can find the best one for your skillset.